Bright tomorrow awaits the brave

THE EDITOR: The newspaper of January 11 announced another political party hoping to contest the 2020 general election. I have lost count of the many hoping to capitalise on the feeling throughout TT – that of a rejection of the PNM and UNC.

Like the many elections of the past they are hoping that the people are so angry with the two major parties that once again they vote out the party in power. The public ought to be asking, however: What are they offering that is different from the major parties?

The Democratic Party of TT’s (DPTT) position is very clear. We have a realistic plan to reduce crime to the lowest level experienced in decades. We will stimulate the economy to such a level that every citizen willing to prosper will be able to do so.

We will change the Constitution to ensure that there are fixed dates for elections and that no prime minister or president will be able to serve more than two terms. Moreover, we will end the era of the maximum leader by transforming the way we manage TT by placing the power of management in the hands of the people in the communities. This will be done by a simple vote in the Parliament that restructures local government.

The average voter would like to know what to expect the day after the DPTT takes over the management of TT. In the shortest possible time, every citizen will have access to a reliable water supply. T

he act of delivering water from the many water sources to communities on a rock of 40 miles wide and 70 miles long is not a monumental task. Many cities of the developed world have populations that exceed the population of TT and water distribution is not a major challenge. It was not a challenge before independence, and it will not be so under the DPTT.

A DPTT government will see the end of long lines of traffic that impede productivity and place undue stress on our schoolchildren. Through dedicated bus lanes and a mass transit system, the hours in traffic will be reduced to minutes.

Crime and criminal activity will be reduced as there will be more than adequate opportunities for citizens to enrich themselves legally. Rather than look for increased energy income to distribute wealth to the many, a DPTT government will create opportunities for the many to create wealth.

One major all-inclusive fete creates over a million dollars in economic activity. The food producers, stage handlers, musicians, advertisers, bar tenders and organisers all benefit from people having a good time. Properly managed entertainment can transform our panyards into economic centres.

The maintenance of our communities, the building of a new transportation network, a revived modern tourism thrust, the creation of affordable manufacturing and business spaces and a structured approach to agriculture will work in tandem with new energy policies that maximise our strategic position to augment Guyana’s new oil finds. Together this will lead to a re-energised and better nation.

We can do all this and more together. We can unite all the third forces and offer our people a real chance for change or continue to form new parties hoping to become the next king or queen of the rock.

The DPTT hopes good sense and devotion to country will overcome the lust for power and greed.


political leader, DPTT


"Bright tomorrow awaits the brave"

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