4 doctors, 2 nurses giveme a joyful Christmas

THE EDITOR: I write to tell of my experience at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (A&E Department), an experience that has left me extremely proud to be a Trinidadian and also very thankful to the medical personnel there.

On December 24, 2019, I became very ill at home and was rushed to the emergency department at the Mt Hope Hospital. Directed to the nurse at the triage desk, I was given a note and sent to register.

On my return I briefly explained my problem to the nurse. She immediately took me to see a doctor, who started preliminary work.

The nurse helped the doctor get me to a bed and he took some blood to send to the lab for testing, explaining what they were doing.

A Dr Khan then did an ultrasound and sent me for an X-ray. He too explained what they were doing and why. What touched me the most was when he said, “We cannot send you home until this matter is resolved.”

During the night several doctors and nurses checked on me. Khan returned to let me know that so far all the tests had come back negative, but that they would continue to search until they found the cause of my problem.

Around 8 am the nurse who had seen me in triage looked in on me, explaining why she had not left at the end of her 6 am shift. She said, “I brought you in here and I wanted to see if you were all right and to make sure that this problem was being solved.”

I could not believe this was the same Mt Hope Hospital so many people criticise and condemn, especially in the newspapers.

The last doctor who saw me was Dr Ramnarine. I suspect he was a senior doctor as he did another ultrasound scan “to double check the results.” He explained what was wrong, gave instructions for medication and told me he was sending me home with a word of caution that if the problem returned I was to immediately return to the hospital.

In all, I was treated by four doctors and two nurses who were very caring, professional and thorough. I did not get the names of the other doctors and the nurses. However, I publicly thank all who attended to me and who helped to put my life back in order so that I was able to enjoy Christmas.

To my fellow nationals, please remember that doctors and nurses are human too and we need to conduct ourselves at these health institutions in a less abrasive and more courteous manner. Together we can make this country a first class one that will be an example for others to follow.




"4 doctors, 2 nurses giveme a joyful Christmas"

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