Siparia Health Facility being cleaned up

Siparia District Health Facility  - Marvin Hamilton
Siparia District Health Facility - Marvin Hamilton

The South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has said it is doing maintenance work at the Siparia District Health Facility. after staff complained on Monday about bad working conditions.

SWRHA CEO Brian Armour visited the facility on Tuesday and said funding has allowed for some measures to be taken.

On Monday staff walked out, citing a mosquito infestation, cracked floors, non-working air conditioning and other deficiencies.

Armour said, “South-West is embarking on several new initiatives and the financial situation in the country is better at this time.

“So, even though the problems have been there for some time, I do believe we are in a position to address the concerns.”

He said he would not describe the staff's action on Monday as a protest.

"The workers had concerns and followed the grievance process...The South-West (RHA) executives did take note, and we did visit and speak with the workers yesterday (Monday).

“We are therefore addressing the situation, which are all valid concerns."

Armour said the main concern is mosquito infestation, so the SWRHA and the Ministry of Health are tackling the mosquitoes first.

Armour added that patient health care and administration were not affected by Tuesday’s disruption.

He admitted that based on the team’s assessment of the facility, more work is needed.

“We as the health care professionals know that we do have some more work to do. Based on the walkabout, there needs to be a more detailed technical review and a two-week action plan to address the concerns.”

In a phone interview on Tuesday a worker, who declined to give her name, said staff, including doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and administrative staff, walked out of the centre on Monday and congregated in the car park.

She said, “For the past month there had been a mosquito infestation in the facility, and patients and staff cannot sit in peace without being subjected to bites."

She added that there had also been an increase in flies


"Siparia Health Facility being cleaned up"

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