My 2020 wish list

THE EDITOR: After many years hoping that somehow the various governments would learn of my New Year’s wishes and do their best to fulfil them, this year I have decided to have my wish list for 2020 published for all to see. So here it is:

1. I wish the Government does something about vagrancy, especially in Port of Spain where vagrants run wild.

2. I wish a south band wins Panorama. It has been 44 years since and a south band has been able to step up to the plate. What a shame!

3. I wish the Hall of Justice gets a paint job. The current drab look is an injustice.

4. I wish the Red House was painted flaming red and not post office red because fiery debates are to take place there from this month. Fasten your seatbelts.

5. I wish more costumed bands participate in the Carnival, as opposed to more bikini, beads and feathers bands that make the Carnival look like a glorified beach party.

6. I wish the CDA develops Chagville with a proper entrance and exit to the beach.

7. I wish Watson Duke completes his unfinished “swim” to Tobago. Remember Duke “dived” into a dinghy midway in the journey to Toco, dressed in full-body swim gear.

8. I wish Dr Rowley continues his march to restore historic buildings despite the criticism.

9. I wish the new national men’s senior football coach, Terry Fenwick, fashions a team that could beat Grenada, Guyana and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Fenwick must scout the islands and select the best footballers in the land, including college boys.

10. I wish someone in authority looks into the plight of pan players in the National Steel Symphony Orchestra who haven’t gotten a salary increase in 13 years. What a shame! These musically literate musicians are crying on the inside, but playing their hearts out on the outside. Correct this pan injustice.

I have a strange feeling I’m engaging in wishful thinking with these ten wishes.


Port of Spain


"My 2020 wish list"

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