Tracy's 100-day plan for PNM

Tracy Davidson-Celestine, front left, at the PNM headquarters in Scarborough to file her nomination papers last month. PHOTO BY DAVID REID  - DAVID REID
Tracy Davidson-Celestine, front left, at the PNM headquarters in Scarborough to file her nomination papers last month. PHOTO BY DAVID REID - DAVID REID

People's National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council leadership candidate Tracy Davidson-Celestine says she intends to implement a 100-day plan of action aimed at "tackling the multiple concerns confronting the party" on the island, if she wins the January 19 internal election.

High on the agenda, she said, will be the establishment of a reconciliation committee aimed at fostering immediate healing within the party.

"I want to lead a reconciliation committee that includes all leaders vying for chairman and political leader in this election," Davidson-Celestine said on Wednesday at the launch of her campaign and manifesto at the Buccoo Integrated Facility.

"I want to ensure that I use the reconciliation committee to heal divisions within the organisation.

Davidson-Celestine, who is currently TT's Ambassador to Costa Rica, said the committee would also establish a team to come up with a concept for a new party headquarters and the setting up of a building fund to steer the process.

She said part of the duties of the reconciliation committee would be to promote the participation of all members in council and party activities.

Davidson-Celestine added: "We will empower the members of the council, the executive to carry out the functions for which they are responsible. We will hold meetings with all party groups to develop mechanisms for greater empowerment and involvement with goverrnment at the level of the community and island."

She said she intends to use the Tobago Council to encourage assembly members to have "more concrete reach and interaction" with the wider Tobago community as well as lobby the executive council of the Tobago House of Assembly to immediately begin work on the medium term development strategy for the island's development.

Davidson-Celestine said she also intends to lobby the party's general council to ensure the "autonomy question" in Tobago is addressed decisively.

She said building the council's communications technology platform is critical as the party moves forward.

"We are hearing that we have over 10,000 registered members within the PNM (Tobago Council). We want to be able to reach you, whether we use the WhatsApp, Internet, Facebook. The point I am making is that we want to use ICT in going forward."

Davidson-Celestine added: "Even in terms of our registration process at the council office. In this day and age, we should have our registration forms online. We have to embrace the use of technology...we have to ensure that we automate as many of the processes as possible."

Saying the empowerment of the youth and women's arm of the Tobago Council is critical in moving the party forward, Davidson-Celestine said community walkabouts must once again be a common feature of the party's activities.

If elected, she said she plans to host a Tobago Council Sports and Family Day in May and also recognise the party's stalwarts, both living and deceased.


POLITICAL LEADER - Tracy Davidson-Celestine


LADY VICE CHAIRMAN - Nicole Winchester

GENERAL SECRETARY - Yolanda Lisa George


TREASURER - Godwin Richardson


EDUCATION OFFICER - Rennison Quashie

PRO - Eric Powder

LABOUR OFFICER - Kevin Trotman


RESEARCH OFFICER - Jan Thompson Melville


FIELD OFFICER - Kelvon Morris



"Tracy's 100-day plan for PNM"

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