Siparia health staff down tools

A mosquito infestation, cracked floors and non-functional air conditioning were cited as the chief reasons behind the walkout of health care workers at the Siparia District Health Facility on Monday.In an immediate response, South West Regional Health Authority corporate communications manager Kevon Gervais said the issue was discussed earlier in the day and maintenance at the facility was given high priority.He said this included spraying the centre. However, he did not say when the spraying would take place, but expressed confidence that no walkout would occur again at the centre. He said staff had returned after the discussions.In a telephone interview, a worker, who declined to give her name, said medical staff, including doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and administrative staff, had walked out of the centre and congregated in the car park.‘For the past month there has been a mosquito infestation in the facility," she said. "Patients and staff cannot sit in peace without being subjected to bites from these mosquitoes, which are quite big.“There has also been an increase in flies, and when we ask for the facility to be closed for one day so they can spray for these insects, we were told they cannot close the centre.”She said SWRHA management was aware of the situation but had not done anything.Gervais said the centre could not be closed, as it provided a critical service to the Siparia community.


"Siparia health staff down tools"

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