Fetes at Lara Academy disturb thousands

THE EDITOR: A fete starting at 3 am is planned for January 18 at the Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba. This venue has disturbed the peace of thousands of people whenever fetes are held there, with the loud music affecting households many kilometres away.

To the EMA: What are you going to do about this and other events? Based on the noise level of previous events you had to have received complaints, so why hasn’t action been taken?

To Police Commissioner Gary Griffith: All laws should be enforced, including for noise disturbances and violation of safe sound levels. Equip the police on site with sound level meters.

To fete goers: Your hearing can be easily damaged by exposure to loud music. Having to live with permanent tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hearing loss isn’t worth a good time. Louder does not mean a better fete.

To entertainers like Machel and Bunji: Don’t sell out at the expense of disturbing the public at large. Insist on safe sound levels for your fans and yourself.

To society: When has it become acceptable to start a fete in the early morning hours? (And I’m sure the loud music will not be restricted to the advertised hours either).

Can anyone disturb the peace with no consequences? Will TT always be the land of no accountability?


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"Fetes at Lara Academy disturb thousands"

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