Encounters with bully at Trincity traffic lights

THE EDITOR: A not so recent career has become quite popular in Trinidad. It’s perhaps safe to say that “windshield wipers” now exist in most areas throughout the country.

My encounters with them have generally been brief, with me having to say that I’m not interested about three times before they accept defeat and walk away.

But not this guy. I am almost certain other drivers have had the unfortunate experience of interacting with the bully who is “stationed” near the traffic lights close to Trincity Mall. This individual uses intimidatory tactics to coerce drivers to accept his service.

The two encounters I have had with him have been quite unpleasant. The second, however, has left me so traumatised that I am considering using an alternate route out of concern for my safety.

The first incident involved him proceeding to wipe my windscreen even after I gestured “No thanks” to him at least five times. He was openly upset with my refusal and made several racist comments, not caring whether I heard him or not.

I politely refused to pay for the service, which I had not asked for, when he approached me for compensation afterwards.

In my second encounter, the same individual started to wipe my windshield after I had said “No” no less than six times. I continued to gesture and say “No.” This evidently angered him to the point where he banged my windscreen with the edge of his wiping tool with such force that I was surprised the glass did not cracked.

Additionally, the threatening glare which he gave me suggested he would have liked to strike more than just the windshield. I was both shocked and furious, but because I was concerned for my safety I did not react. Luckily, the light changed to green shortly afterwards, enabling me to drive away.

No doubt other drivers have had similar experiences and perhaps fearing confrontation may have yielded to this young man’s bullying tactics and patronised his services.

I am therefore making a desperate plea to anyone in authority to do something about this individual, who clearly has aggressive and violent tendencies, before he causes serious damage to someone or to their vehicle.


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"Encounters with bully at Trincity traffic lights"

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