Lobby the state to do more for stray dogs

Millions of dollars were recently pumped into the refurbishing of the President’s House and many other projects, but what about stray dogs?

Dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs have no voice; we must be their voice. What does the government intend to do about all the stray dogs that are roaming aimlessly in TT? It is time for the government to invest in the voiceless dogs of TT. Dogs feel pain and it is believed that they have similar pain thresholds to people. As a people, we do not really care much about animals. We tend to forget that they deserve to have rights and need love and care.

We are beginning to see an increasing number of homeless dogs, as many citizens are not fond of keeping pets. It is all the more painful to see children teasing these poor animals, stoning them and making their pathetic lives all the more miserable. Millions of them die in car accidents, many die from hunger and many die due to natural hazards, but we never feel the pain of those homeless souls.

The government must make use of land to build dog daycare centres and construct large play areas for dogs all over the country. They must build at least two play areas in each centre, one for larger dogs and one for smaller ones. Space must be allocated for a client reception area, an office, a quiet area for the dogs, an isolation room, a kitchen, staff restrooms and storage facilities. Flooring material that is both durable and easy to clean must also be utilised. Cushioned rubber mats should be used.

The government must make dogs a priority. It is time to launch a campaign to end dog neglect and cruelty. The dog daycare centres must be painted with bright colours taking special care to avoid dark shades to create a light, spacious feel. The government must add pictures to the wall to add visual appeal for human clients and all the necessary safety aspects must be in place. It is about time to create public awareness of the inherent cruelty meted out to dogs and lobby the government to ensure all dogs are protected from abuse.

Simon Wright

via e-mail


"Lobby the state to do more for stray dogs"

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