Hope for better roads in 2020

As we look at the road ahead for the New Year 2020, we envisage all that life has in store for us. But we must first look around at the state of the roads that we have to travel along.

Many of the roads that traverse our country are in desperate need of repair.

Potholed and patchy, our roads look more like those of a nation in desperation, rather than one with a vision.

So we step forward in hope, that the road ahead will be well paved and maintained, but this has always been a challenge for us.

During the recent holiday season, I faced a real challenge getting my overseas visitors to look at the lovely greenery of the countryside, to keep them distracted from the uncomfortable ride along the way. One person eventually asked if all our roads are this bad. ‘No, I answered, just the ones we drive on.’

And so there’s no use in whining about the many mashed up roads we have to drive on in our country. Wishfully, we need a good solid yellow brick road like in the fairytale Land of Oz. I have become weary in wondering why our roadways are in such a poor condition. I’m running out of reasoning. The engineering, the subsurface, the equipment...I am bemused. But then, I see roads built by the US servicemen back in the 1940s that still stand today. Incredible but true.

I don’t need to make a pitch here for better roads; it’s usually on the to-do list of seasonal election campaigns. But it’s all a very uncomfortable aspect of driving on our roads, a problem that could be resolved with the right approach.

And so I appeal to the highest authority in the land. Madam President, I am asking for your intervention. We can sing our national anthem even more proudly, as we drive along smooth roadways with our families, friends and visitors. Save us from this malady, m’ lady. These roads will be the death of us. Let’s hope and pray for better roads ahead in 2020.

Terrence Honore

San Fernando


"Hope for better roads in 2020"

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