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Sunday 26 January 2020
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Sekon Sta’s Golden Fetecert on tomorrow

Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxill says there is absolutely no place for violence in Carnival.  -
Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxill says there is absolutely no place for violence in Carnival. -

IT’S the best of Carnival at the beginning of Carnival, says Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxill.

He was talking about his concert, Sekon Sunday: The Golden Fetecert, which will be held on January 12 at Fatima College Grounds, Port of Spain.

Sekon Sta staged his first concert last year.

For him this year’s Carnival season is turning out to be “the most amazing season” he’s had so far and he’s had a lot of amazing seasons, he said.

In an interview with Newsday, he said this year’s event is shaping up to be way better than last year's.

“I am very excited about it. I have been getting bookings like crazy, but I absolutely taking no bookings for this week. I am unavailable until Sekon Sunday. We want to present the people with the best of Carnival at the beginning of Carnival,” he said.

Sekon Sta and EEEmpire (an events company) have coined the concept of a "fetecert." While many have tried to lay claim to the word, he said a "fetecert" is about the energy of a fete combined with the detail of a concert.

Those attending Sunday’s Sekon Sunday can also look forward to a fireworks display.

Sekon Sta’s Sekon Sunday: The Golden Fetecert will be held on January 12 at Fatima College Grounds, Port of Spain. -

They'll hear some of Sekon Sta’s hits including this year’s Who Pay, a collaboration with Salty, Skorch Bun It and Coolblaze. His fans will say Kings and Queens, Party Gods, Brave, The Best and My side are among his biggest hits.

Having consistently written and delivered hits over the years, Sekon Sta said his doctrine when it comes to creating music is storytelling.

“I see myself as a storyteller and I tell the stories of myself and my peers.”

So it is no surprise that Who Pay is about a real experience.

“That is based on a true-to-life experience based on a conversation I had with a young lady in the Cayman Islands, where I asked her who paid for her bottom, and it was a joke and she laughed.”

He described the song as social commentary based on what was happening in society at the moment.

He has seven songs for Carnival 2020, among them Waste Man, Sauce with Private Ryan and To The Max.

Sekon Sunday was created around To The Max, he said. The song “is a statement that we as people of soca, of this culture, have to defend it with our lives.”

Sekon Sta says Sekon Sunday is the best of Carnival at the beginning of Carnival. -

Sekon Sta weighed in on the current debate about dancehall in soca fetes. While he had no problem with other forms of local culture being allowed in Carnival, he felt Carnival had “absolutely no place for violence.”

“Carnival is a safe zone. We sell euphoria at Carnival time. That is the product we are selling,and you cannot sell euphoria with violence. The people who are asking for violence in Carnival, or dancehall music that purports violence in Carnival, are genuinely not the people who are a part of Carnival or interested in Carnival. They just want to hear what they want to hear and we will not allow for such.

"But obviously the borders of dancehall and soca are kind of skewed at this point, in terms of the dancing euphoria. And I think once it is local and gives you that feeling of euphoria, no problem. But violence will not be tolerated,” he said.

Sekon Sunday starts at 4 pm.

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