Why the US continues to wage war

THE EDITOR: Waging war is big business, with the US military being the biggest of all. In order to stay in business, it must continually seek ways to create situations that require its “services.”

Take, for instance, its deployment of troops in the Middle East. According to a CNN report a few days ago, the figures are as follows: Afghanistan, 14,000; Bahrain, 7,000; Iraq, 6,000; Jordan, 3,000; Kuwait,13,000; Oman, 606; Qatar, 13,000; Saudi Arabia, 3,000; Syria, 800; UAE, 5,000. That’s a total of 65,400 troops.

Now imagine all these troops were withdrawn and sent back to the US. That would be over 65,000 families suddenly joining the breadline, living on welfare, or having to seek alternative employment. And think of the reduced need for those industries that supply weapons of war. More unemployed people.

That’s why I believe the American assassination of Iran’s leading general, Qassem Soleimani, was a simple act of provocation, a deliberate attempt by the Trump administration to stimulate the US economy, and just a glorified version of a make-work programme.

You see why the US must continue to wage war – against real or imaginary enemies?


Mt Hope


"Why the US continues to wage war"

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