The political losers need to keep quiet

THE EDITOR: The small third-party political aspirants need to get a life. This countdown to general election 2020 is strictly for the big boys, PNM and UNC.

They do not need mischief making, race baiting and sniping from people who can only attract less than 1,000 voters. The political atmosphere is quite toxic enough, thank you very much.

The proof of the political pudding will be in the eating in the closing hours of this most significant general election. Crapaud will smoke TT pipe for more than 50 years if political mischief overtakes good reasoning.

Only one party will win. Only the loser can be of patriotic support by putting country before party politics. There must be no self-serving political chaos.

What happens in TT affects the stability and political image of the entire Caribbean region? Our business community is too far advanced for political selfishness to take prominence. The “if we cannot have it, no one else must get it” attitude will turn us into another Venezuela.

TT is on a growth path and out of recession. Let us keep on the right path.

Read my lips, the PNM and the UNC must put the best slate of aspirants forward that they can possibly manage. Only dedicated fools will insist on playing race cards. Only the poor, on either side of the political divide, will later on suffer mental anguish.

Who will win the competition on political persuasion? Which party is truly dedicated to country and not political preening?

Political crapaud says watch your case.


Diego Martin


"The political losers need to keep quiet"

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