Seller takes car down payment to pay debt

Two weeks ago, 30-year-old Paul Rampersad took $10,000 from a man as a down payment for a car, but never delivered on the agreement.

Instead, Rampersad used the money to pay off some of his debts. On Thursday, he faced San Fernando magistrate Jo-Anne Connor and pleaded guilty to larceny.

Prosecutor PC Cleyon Seedan said on December 27, at RRM Plaza on High Street in San Fernando, David Victor made the down payment. Rampersad promised to deliver a Nissan Wingroad by January 2.

When police questioned him about the incident on Tuesday at the San Fernando CID, Rampersad replied: “Officer, I am owing a couple of people and I used the money to pay off some bills.”

PC Basdeo laid the charge.

Rampersad told the magistrate he tried to get a loan from Island Finance to repay Victor.

The magistrate granted him $40,000 magistrate registrar approval bail with a cash alternative of $5,000.

Connor adjourned the case to Tuesday, when she will get his criminal record tracing, then sentence him.


"Seller takes car down payment to pay debt"

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