Judge Road March onthe street

THE EDITOR: One of the challenges facing the National Carnival Commission (NCC) is how to come up with a system to judge the Road March and take the power from the hands of deejays.

In other words, the NCC needs to democratise the Road March, referred to as a “stage march.”

It is my respectful view that the Road March is not judged fairly.

For instance, last year Savannah Grass was a runaway hit on the road. Everywhere you turned Savannah Grass was played by deejays on the music trucks. However, when they reached the Queen’s Park Savannah there was a switch to Famalay?

I just don’t get it. Are deejays under instructions?

Over the years the Road March has been a contentious issue. We have seen Crazy, Iwer and SuperBlue jump on music trucks to push their music.

We cannot go on this way. The NCC, the gatekeeper and decision maker of the Carnival, has to come up with a solution in 2020.

May I humbly suggest that judging of the Road March takes place on the road, where the judges can monitor the songs played at undisclosed locations – not the traditional venues. This will shift the power from the hands of the deejays and their masters.


Port of Spain


"Judge Road March onthe street"

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