Garcia: We pay tutors continuously

Education Minister Anthony Garcia -
Education Minister Anthony Garcia -

EDUCATION Minister Anthony Garcia on Thursday evening expressed his surprise at a recent letter to the editor from one Sumintra Samaroo alleging tutors and other staff at adult evening classes have not been paid their stipends for January-December 2019.

He consulted his permanent secretary (PS) before replying to Newsday’s query. Garcia said, “We are continuously processing applications for payment. It is a process that takes some time.”

He said at each school centre the person in charge of classes must send the ministry details to verify the day by day attendance of its tutors, after which their claims are processed

“We have made several payments. I am surprised to hear there are still many people who have not been paid, as we have been making payments.

“As soon as they are processed, we have been making payment. The PS said we have been processing claims and have been continuing the process. The Chief Education Officer, Harrilal Seecharan, is also on top of it.” Pressed for details on amounts paid and numbers of tutors, he said he had facilitated Newsday from his home, without having full details which were at his office.


"Garcia: We pay tutors continuously"

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