Attorney wants bail variation for Transformed Life Ministry accused

Wayne Sturge -
Wayne Sturge -

PLEAS to change the conditions of bail for one of the six people charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment at the Transformed Life Ministry Rehabilitation Centre, were denied by Arima magistrate Aden Stroude on Friday.

Attorney Wayne Sturge pleaded on behalf of Indra Jaggernauth who was granted $300,000 bail with surety last Friday, by magistrate Cheron Raphael.

He asked that Jaggernauth no longer be made to report to the Chaguanas police station, which was one of the conditions of her bail, along with surrendering her passport and making no attempt to contact the complainant.

Sturge submitted that Jaggernauth, a 61-year-old mother of two, was not a flight risk, and had no criminal history. He also complained of the psychological effect which signing at the station is having on her.

He said every time she goes to the station to sign, she fears she would be arrested.

“Even when a police car passes, she feels unsafe.”

Sturge said there was no reason to impose the conditions, and challenged the prosecution to provide the court with a reason.

Stroude empathised with the psychological effect which the process had on Jaggernauth, but took the position that he could not determine what circumstances Raphael took into consideration when the conditions were put on Jaggernauth’s bail.

He also took into consideration that there was no evidence to suggest that the conditions were particularly draconian. He advised Sturge and his client make a submission to the master of courts to change the conditions of the bail, and made a note of his request.

Jaggernauth was arrested along with her daughter Lena Jaggernauth, Pastor Glen Awong, and three others, and slapped an array of charges which included trafficking of persons, false imprisonment and kidnapping.

Last October, police searched the centre in Arouca and freed 69 people, some of whom were found in cages.

The matter was adjourned to February 7.


"Attorney wants bail variation for Transformed Life Ministry accused"

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