Speyside man faces trial over tourists' bags

A 57-year-old Speyside man is expected to stand trial next Tuesday for larceny.

Terrence Cordner has been charged with larceny involving two tourists from the recent Costa Magica cruise liner, which docked at the Scarborough Port on December 29.

Cordner first appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates' First Court before magistrate Indrani Cedeno on December 30, when he pleaded guilty with an explanation.

On hearing his explanation, Cedeno entered a not-guilty plea.

Bail was denied and Cordner was remanded into custody and the matter transferred to the secnd court.

On Tuesday, when he reappeared before magistrate Duane Murray, the prosecutor, acting sergeant Eustace Forbes, told Murray the prosecution was ready to proceed and asked for permission to use the documented statement of the virtual complainants, Marzena Milewska and her daughter Nathalie Chhzynska.

Murray is expected to rule on that submission next Tuesday.

All statements to be used in the matter were disclosed to Cordner, who told Murray he would be representing himself.

Murray warned him to go through the documents carefully and come prepared for trial.

Police said around 11.15 am on December 29, Milewska and her daughter Nathalie left their bag, containing a Samsung phone valued at €370 and €330 in cash on Rockley Bay, on Milford Road, Scarborough, and walked along the beach for ten-15 minutes.

When they came back, they realised their bags were missing. A passer-by helped them by contacting the police. The suspect was arrested nearby.

On learning of the incident, THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles expressed his disappointment over the incident but was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the police in arresting a suspect and retrieving the stolen items.

Charles also commended the person who assisted the tourists and ensured the police were contacted.


"Speyside man faces trial over tourists' bags"

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