The real reason for the blue bill change

THE EDITOR: I would imagine there are many people like myself who wonder what the blue note exchange was really all about. So let us examine the facts and see if we can come to an agreement.

Do drug lords pay for their imports with blue notes or US currency? I can see drug pushers using the blue notes but how do we prove who they are since so many people do not care to use banks, or, as Martin Daly wrote, cannot open an account because they cannot provide the banks with the documents required to do so.

I think the most important factor was the specific time period mandated by the Government. It covered the Christmas season when people are in spending mode and businesses are mandated to pay their final quarterly taxes before December 31.

One other factor to consider is that a general election is slated for later this year.

Therefore when I consider these factors, my personal belief is that the Government made this move in an effort to stimulate the nonproductive private economy.

This would hopefully result in businesses showing some sign of recovery in the fourth quarter and the Government would therefore collect its pound of flesh before year’s end.

The Government, after collecting all those taxes, would be in a position to claim an improved public economy when it mounts the platform for the upcoming general election.


Diego Martin


"The real reason for the blue bill change"

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