Aloes ‘takes a rest’ from competing

Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osuna. -
Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osuna. -

VETERAN calypsonian Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osuna said on Tuesday that he will “take a rest” from this year’s Calypso Monarch competition.

He made this disclosure as he spoke about his preparations and those of his Kalypso Revue Tent for Carnival 2020.

While he was happy that finalists in the Monarch competition would be performing two songs instead of one, Osuna said he would opt out.

Osuna, who won the Monarch title in 2002 (Contribution, Jubilation) and 2008 (Reflection), said he was not keen about the fiesta round of the contest being held at Guaracara Park this year. The Chutney Soca Monarch finals and fiesta are being held at Guaracara Park on February 8 and 15 respectively because of upgrades at Skinner Park, San Fernando. Osuna felt things could be too time restrictive, getting into and out of the venue. He said it was better that the younger artistes deal with those challenges this year.

Osuna added that while he will have songs for Carnival, he will not be be competing.

On preparations for Carnival, Osuna said it was “smooth sailing” so far for the Revue. While the tent has not received a subvention from Government as yet, he was not worried.

Asked about the cost of running a tent for the Carnival season, Osuna said Kaiso House received close to $1 million, and a sum close to that would be ideal to run a tent comfortably over the season.

Nermal “Massive” Gosine said his Roving Chutney Calypso Tent has not received any subvention from Government as yet. Gosein said it costs approximately $375,000 to run his tent , but said last year the Community Development, Culture and the Arts Ministry disrespected his tent by providing a paltry sum, while giving larger subventions to other tents.

He plans to open his tent on January 25, but added there would be no performances until he gets the subvention.

Gosein also said he will be coming with new material for Carnival, which includes a political commentary called Four Cups for Rowley.


"Aloes ‘takes a rest’ from competing"

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