Fixin' T&T must call out all ‘sinners’

THE EDITOR: Can we really take Fixin' T&T seriously? Here it is calling for Minister Camille Regis-Robinson to resign on a supposedly police investigation leaked report concerning a deposit of cash to a bank account.

So far there is no arrest, no charges, and no courthouse. Yet Fixin' T&T wants her to resign.

However, when the Rio Claro/Mayaro Regional Corporation’s then chairman, Glen Ram, was actually before the court late last year facing a bribery charge, and still holding on to office, we heard no such demand from that august watchdog organisation.

Once the matter reaches the courthouse via charges, those who hold high office are expected to demit office until their names are cleared. This in no way points to guilt. It is the decent and ethical thing to do.

We cannot ever hope to fix TT if supposedly independent organisations take partisan sides. If you intend to call out “sinners” then, pray, spare no side. Only then would people realise that you are serious. And only then we can truly fix TT.


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"Fixin’ T&T must call out all ‘sinners’"

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