Domestic violence talk resumes Jan 15

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THE Domestic Violence Caravan of the Victim and Witness Support Unit (VWSU) of the Police Service will resume its Prevention and Resilience outreach programme on January 15.

The unit conducted several sessions aimed at addressing domestics violence issues at facilities of the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) and South Western Divisions, said a media release.

The caravan forms part of the VWSU's thrust toward reducing instances of domestic violence and building resiliency across communities and the wider society, the release said.

The 2019 programme closed off on November 13 with a final session at the Princes Town Health Facility.

Sixty people who attended the pre-natal clinic benefited from the caravan's information on domestic violence and its effects, as well as ways to avoid being victims. Information on the procedure for the reporting of such violence, and how to apply for a protection order, were also shared.

The programme addressed the fact that domestic violence does not only affect women, but it also has a great impact on males who sometimes silently suffer in their experience.

Manager of the VWSU Aisha Corbie, who spoke to participants on the closing day, emphasised the need for greater awareness of the phenomena amongst not just women, but women who are in the pre-natal stage and who reside in rural areas. She noted that interventions have revealed that some women continue to be fearful of reporting the issue and are unaware of the services which are provided to assist them.

Participants engaged in an interactive session of real-life domestic violence situations, which included various myths connected to domestic violence such as, “she or he deserved it”, and “domestic violence is just hitting.”

During one-on-one interactions, patients expressed how vital and relevant the information was for them as they were now aware of how they can seek help and take measures in protecting themselves and their unborn babies.

The caravan was the fourth instalment of this series of awareness sessions within the SWRHA districts. To date, over 240 patients have benefited from this series which was conducted at the Indian Walk Health Centre, Moruga; Pleasantville Health Centre and Princes Town Health Facility.

The Victim and Witness Support Unit will resume the caravan on the following dates:

January 15 – Penal Health Centre, 8 am

January 16 – Penal Health Centre, 8 am

January 27 – Siparia Health Centre, 8 am

January 29 – Siparia Health Centre, 8 am

February 10 – Fyzabad Health Centre, 8 am

February 13 – Fyzabad Health Centre, 8 am

March 2 – Point Fortin Health Centre, 8 am

March 3 – Point Fortin Health Centre, 1 pm


"Domestic violence talk resumes Jan 15"

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