Cherrie-Ann has the skills for Ministry of Planning

THE EDITOR: It is clear to me that the Dr Rowley-led Government is finally bending the corner. Following on the very strategic move to replace the old $100 bills in one swift move, leaving the dirty money holders with most of their stash and common thiefs in a quandary comes a brilliant Cabinet reshuffle.

Senator Foster Cummings is well appointed in the Ministry of Local Government as are the other ministers in their new portfolios.

My pleasure, however, lies in the new Minister in the Ministry of Planning and Development, Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn, who in my estimation has done yeoman service in the Social Development Ministry. It is clear she is a planner and strategist.

Weaning all those thousand of people off welfare dependency “without a riot” was no easy task in this “eat ah food” country, setting in place instead multiple programmes to create self-sufficiency.

Her new portfolio, under the direction of the Prime Minister, who is no stranger to this ministry, has far-reaching consequences as it now expands to socio-economic policy planning, co-ordination of national strategic planning, oversight of the Economic Development Advisory Board, the European Development Fund, amongst other local and international interaction.

A look back at the ministers who would have held this portfolio is an indication of the magnitude of this responsibility and I am pleased to see the confidence being reposed in Crichlow-Cockburn.

In this time when political and economic gurus are predicting a difficult 2020, my thoughts and prayers are with the minister whose head has been down since 2015 digging through the mud. I trust she will be able to transfer her dedication, planning skills and ability with consummate ease to her new portfolio.

Best wishes for 2020 is extended to the Government and the people of TT.


San Fernando


"Cherrie-Ann has the skills for Ministry of Planning"

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