What about that 2012 Caura crash?

THE EDITOR: The recent accident on the Solomon Hochoy Highway in which four people were killed reminded me of another accident on Labour Day in 2012 when a car ploughed into Palance Bar in Caura, killing five people and seriously injuring three others.

At the time, it was reported the driver had failed a breathalyser test and the police would be seeking advice from DPP Roger Gaspard on what charges (probably five counts of manslaughter) could be laid, when their “investigations” were completed. I’ve tried to find some kind of follow-up in this case, without success.

Can anyone say if investigations were ever completed? Have any charges been laid? If so, what’s the status of the case? If not, why not?

If, as I suspect, nothing has happend, are the relatives of the victims happy with the lack of closure? If the police take forever to investigate a simple case like this, what hope is there for more complex ones?


Mt Hope


"What about that 2012 Caura crash?"

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