Venezuela’s gathering storm

THE EDITOR: The Government has wisely and courageously maintained fraternal ties with Venezuela in defiance of those who have shamelessly waged undisguised political, economic, monetary, and propaganda warfare on Venezuela for the longest while.

Those evil ones recently succeeded in “buying” the leadership of the Bolivian armed forces, and in then using it to remove Evo Morales from power in Bolivia. In the process Venezuela lost a brotherly regime that consistently supported her in resisting oppression.

I write to warn of imminent danger in the coming general election in TT. The stakes are much higher this time than the usual sinful tribal rivalry between the two dominant tribes.

There is real danger of another such effort to buy whoever can be bought, in order to bring about such regime change in this country as would further tighten the noose around the neck of an already beleaguered Venezuela.

They have a long and impressive record as masters of this kind of satanic trade. They used gold to “buy” the French media in order to so brainwash the French people that they could get their warmonger elected as president in 1912, and to then get popular support for French participation in their First World War in 1914.

It did not matter to them that 20 million people would die in their war since they eventually blamed Germany for it.

Our people must prepare a fitting response when the evil ones enter this market as well, while using US dollars to try to buy their way to another regime change. It should not be difficult for us to recognise, and to identify, the Guidos among us who would readily prostitute themselves to dance to whatever evil tune is played by these paymasters.

Among them are those who stubbornly refuse to admit that prolonged American warfare against Venezuela, and indeed against all those who refuse to submit to American diktat, is the main cause of increasing Venezuelan economic and monetary distress, and that, in turn, is the main cause of popular discontent in Venezuela.

Like the British Empire before it, the American empire is now collapsing, and Pax Americana is in irreversible decline. In addition, an American president is desperately struggling for political survival.

I warn of a very dangerous “gathering storm” brewing next door in Venezuela. If the paymaster succeeds in financing regime change in TT in the coming months, it may encourage a reckless and foolhardy American military intervention in Venezuela in support of military forays by satraps in Brazil, Colombia and elsewhere.

The danger for TT is that Orthodox Christian Russia has now become the dominant military power in the world, and that Russia will not allow Venezuela to be so strangled.


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"Venezuela’s gathering storm"

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