Tithes that bind

THE EDITOR: How many small independent churches do we have in TT? Are they all registered? How many citizens of faith feel a sense of anger, embarrassment and fear that their willingly given tithes are being mismanaged? How do members of any congregation really know what happens to their happily given tithes? The $10 million that can legally be kept before declaring funds, is still a lot of money. Even if one allows $2 million to the pastor, $8 million is still considerable funds in the kitty. Can church members apply for assistance? Poor students who need help with books and uniforms? Strangers in need? Flooded out farmers and private house owners?

The bigger the congregation, the more mind boggling the amount of money collected on a fixed basis. There is no disrespect meant but depending on the tithe, the pastor and his/her family will never go hungry during this lifetime.

We live in a democracy where people can do what they wish with their money. It is my private opinion that excess funds from a religious source should be passed to the government to assist other taxpayers with minding the needy.

How about contributing a fixed yearly deposit for assisting citizens who have lost everything due to climate change?

It is an obscene thought that millions of dollars should be lying in boxes and not being used for the common good.

As we say in local parlance, "All ah we is one family."


Diego Martin


"Tithes that bind"

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