Beware political predators

THE EDITOR: When a sexual predator seeks to have his way with a victim of his choosing, he first grooms them to be compliant. Thus, you can expect gifts, attention and seemingly unconditional love to be rained down upon you for a season until you are so indebted to your presumed benefactor that you are reluctant to say no to him.

Sexual perverts are not the only ones who groom individuals. Anyone who wishes to use you for nefarious ends starts off by being nice to you. Be particularly careful of politicians who seek to bestow upon you gifts and favours you really are not entitled to and which are way outside official channels.

Soon they will come to you for a reciprocating favour, usually one that requires you to step outside of the law. Or, if you occupy some post or position they will call upon you to rubber stamp what is really their will and desires, or turn a blind eye while they go about corruptly securing their own way.

This is when you need to take a stand. But this is unfortunately where those who have been groomed usually fall into corruption themselves. Those who have been groomed rationalise the acceptance of corrupt favours by telling themselves that, "everybody does it," or, "they're on my side and they just want the best for me," or, "it's for the greater good," or, "it's benefiting God's kingdom."

In order to escape the net of corruption laid for you, it takes a willingness to sacrifice all. No matter what the perceived benefit, be willing to sacrifice it. God will not ask you to sell your soul to benefit his kingdom.

There are simple people who gave up lucrative jobs in order to avoid affixing their signature to documents to facilitate corruption. They are now not only free from the mental strain of being on the police's radar but also spiritually free from the taint of that sin.


San Fernando


"Beware political predators"

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