1,500 Tobagonians wearing blinkers

THE EDITOR: It would appear that there are still quite a lot of citizens here still wearing blinkers and want to subject themselves to more hardship and who desire to live in fear of their lives where our politics are concerned.

I refer to the article reporting that 1,500 citizens of Tobago have submitted applications to join the PNM political party.

I really do not understand the mentality of these citizens. The nation is currently in a mess and it does not matter to which aspect of our existence you choose to examine, they are all in a disturbing or decaying state.

The PNM political party must take the blame for our present situation here. This political party has being in power for almost 43 years of 57 years of independence and we are now in a highly self-destructive mode set up by PNM politicians and their policies. During their reign, the nation has become a haven for criminals among them a large brigade of murderers mainly from one racial group of PNM supporters.

There is now widespread lawlessness which has now encroached into our schools where many pupils are demonstrating a tendency to join the criminal bandwagon. Even some of our established policemen are in the same mode. The latest move by the PNM administration to add another criminal feature here and which enhances the bad image already portrayed of this nation to outsiders is the introduction of the new legislation on cannabis. This, in the long run, will add more woes of crime upon the nation, and keep our police force busy for decades to come.

This just goes to show the lack of logical reasoning by those politicians now in the corridors of power here, which clearly indicate that they are not fit for purpose.

These 1,500 citizens who have submitted applications in Tobago to join the PNM political party need to see a psychiatrist and get their heads examined. As it would appear that they too are obviously suffering from some sort of disease that affects logical reasoning. Perhaps if they remove their blinkers they may have a clearer view of seeing things as they really are.


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"1,500 Tobagonians wearing blinkers"

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