Trump walks into war trap

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

THE EDITOR: The world has just moved one significant step closer to nuclear war because a trap was set for US President Donald Trump and, because he lacked the capacity to think, he walked into the trap.

In accepting responsibility for ordering the assassination of top Iranian Gen Qasem Soleimani, Trump has now made it possible for his enemies to assassinate high-profile Americans (if they could do it to JFK, they can do it to others) and then effortlessly put the blame for such assassinations on Iran, which has already publicly vowed revenge.

When they succeed in such assassinations, his enemies would then reap a public relations bonanza for a consequent demonisation of Trump as would seal his fate in the next US election.

If the world was kept safe from nuclear war with Russia and China these last five years it was largely because Trump was in the White House, and because they could not trust him.

It is certain that whoever is now elected to succeed Trump would be someone his enemies could trust to lead the West into that nuclear war.


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"Trump walks into war trap"

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