‘Ms Yum Yumm’ can also make mistakes

THE EDITOR: I spent a large part of my Sunday night looking and gathering more information on the social media posts of a cake war between the proprietress of Oh Yum Yumm cake decorators and one of her customers.

I must admit it was hilarious to read the comments and view memes about the issue, because as we all know the candour of a Trini is as pure as the honey from the backside of a bee.

Sweet when it’s not you, but burns like the wrath of Satan when it is.

During my review, I delved a bit into the entrepreneur’s business page, looking at some of her videos and pictures.

To say the least, they were not what I would call “top shelf,” being a person also involved in the food service industry.

However, as I went deeper I soon found myself moving from being in stitches to not laughing at all. I looked at the face of this young entrepreneur filled with a joy and passion to imagery of what she must be going through now, with her failing reaching international viewers and over 75k comments on the social media site The Shade Room.

That latter images I could not shake. So much so that I reached out to several professionals asking them to assist this young woman at this challenging time. A psychologist, a PR consultant and a pastry teacher were among them.

I woke up the next morning still heavy of heart and felt compelled to write this and point out a few things:

* She did her “in the moment” best. Our best changes daily. Our 100 per cent yesterday is different to our 100 per cent today. But she did her best at the time.

* She has the courage to follow her passion. Granted, a passion coupled with technical skill is different to a passion without it.

* She made mistakes. From her first basketball cake to the her social media responses, she erred. That’s just it, she erred. We have all failed at something at some point, but we were allowed to pick ourselves up and move on.

We do not own the copyright for mistakes. She should be allowed to make mistakes also.

To the young woman I say, your comeback will be even better. Continue to be brave, continue to learn and continue to get better at your craft.


La Romaine


"‘Ms Yum Yumm’ can also make mistakes"

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