Arouca pastor charged with kidnapping, human trafficking

Pastor Glen Awong
Pastor Glen Awong

THREE DAYS after surrendering to police, Pastor Glen Awong, head of Transformed Life Ministry, has been charged with three offences arising out of the "rescue" of 69 people.

Awong was charged on Thursday night at the St Joseph Police Station on instructions from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He will face an Arima magistrate on Friday charged with falsely imprisoning one of the 69 people and kidnapping and trafficking her brother.

Awong and his wife surrendered on Monday with their attorney Darren Mitchell. Awong’s wife was released without charge.

On October 8, the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) went to Awong’s Arouca “rehab centre,” where police said the team rescued 69 people. Some were naked and locked in cages. Police also found and seized handcuffs, batons and tasers.

Six people, including Awong, were detained at the facility while police removed the patients, who were said to be addicts.

Up to the time of his surrender, Awong was renovating the facility to meet the specifications set out by the State in order to reopen it.

His business received approximately $7.4 million from the State between 2010 and 2015. The last payment was dated August 6, 2015. Church services continue to take place there.


"Arouca pastor charged with kidnapping, human trafficking"

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