8 graduate in Tobago

THA Health and Wellness Secretary Dr Agatha Carrington. - THA
THA Health and Wellness Secretary Dr Agatha Carrington. - THA

The Community Mediation Unit, of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, held a graduation ceremony on December 19 for eight of 12 people who participated in an eight-week long anger management workshop. The participants were all from the Probation Unit of the division and showed great progress during the sessions. The graduation ceremony was held at the Community Mediation Centre, 16 Bagatelle Trace, Bagatelle Branch Road #1.

Delivering the feature address at the event, Dr Agatha Carrington, Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development said anger affects every aspect of life and people must learn to resolve and change their reactions.

She said, “Anger affects each of the domains that we live and work in. We must understand the triggers and how we can change our behaviour...We expect that you will see changes in your relationships at home and in the workplace; there ought to be an improvement.”

The division’s administrator, Dianne Baker-Henry, reminded all attendees about the importance of words and its effects, and that discipline and self-control are necessary when angry.

“When you speak or lash out when you are angry, you make the best speech that you will regret. We ought to be careful with our words and actions because when it is said and done, often it is forgiven but never forgotten,” she said.

She ended by sharing one of her own techniques to deal with anger.

“When you feel angry, before you lash out, pause and pray!”

Manager/mediator at the centre, Shellie-Ann John described the graduation as “a milestone and a proud moment for the staff.”

She thanked the participants for being open-minded and willing to become immersed in the activities at the centre. Some of the anger management techniques included use of punching bags to blow off steam. She reminded all to “stop and remember that there are consequences (to our actions).” Representatives from the Community Police Unit also offered congratulatory messages to the graduates. Cpl Sampson (Ag) urged the participants to “use the skills learnt at the workshop, share with others, and evolve by making greater contributions to society.” Her closing remarks came in the form of an acronym ANGER – Always Never Give in to Expressions of Rage.

Some of the participants shared their experiences throughout the workshop and one said she now understood how to control her anger.

The inaugural workshop was a collaboration between the Community Mediation Unit and the Probation Unit, which saw an enrolment of 12 participants, three females and nine males. The unit intends to continue with the workshop regularly as there are already people showing interest for the next cycle which begins this month.

An official at the unit said anyone can register once they believe they have an anger management issue.

Other services offered at the centre include:

• Free and confidential mediation services for issues such as: small claim matters, neighbourhood conflicts, landlord and tenant conflicts, threat and harassment problems, family matters/family group conferences and juvenile conflicts, among several other matters.

• Training in areas such as conflict management, peer mediation and anger management.


"8 graduate in Tobago"

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