30-plus new events for Carnival 2020

Nadia Batson will be at Soka with Her Concert on February 7.  -
Nadia Batson will be at Soka with Her Concert on February 7. -

OVER 30 new events have been added to the Carnival events calendar for 2020.

Among those new events are Soka with Her Concert, a Randy Glasgow Production that comes off on February 7, at the Hasley Crawford Stadium and Escape Cooler Cruise that leaves from the Port of Spain Waterfront harbour on February 21 at 10 am.

These new events are just some of the 200 – plus events that are being put on for the upcoming Carnival season, and of those approximately 85 are cooler fetes and cruises, along with some 20 – plus breakfast parties.

Also making a comeback to the lineup of events are the One Fete All-inclusive carded for January 18 at the Queen’s Park Oval, Headley All-inclusive Fete on February 20, and Flight Cruise on February 23.

But the Carnival action will started this morning at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park in Tobago with Soca on the Sand, where a large number of top soca stars were billed to appear.

This event pushed aside Trinity College’s Soka in Moka All-inclusive fete, which has been known as the first fete for the season for a number of years.

At the end of the season, it appears Tobago will be the place to be as Store Bay, No Man’s Land and Mt Irvine Beach have all scheduled events from Ash Wednesday to Ash Friday.

A cross-section of patrons at Prestige Carnival All Inclusive Fete. The annual fete will be held on February 2. -

But the closing events will be held in Trinidad on February 29, with Tribe’s Las Jam at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in the afternoon and Champs of Steel plus later in the evening.

The Carnival 2020 schedule to date:

(This list was compiled using the Carnival calendar posted by Ticket Federation.)


January 1

4 am: Soca on the Sand – Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago

Fall Out cruise

First Pump Pool Party

January 3

9 pm: GL. Pump Cooler Fete – McCarthy St, St Augustine

10 pm: Rome Big Bad Block – O Cooler Fete – CoE, Macoya

January 4

9 pm: Tribe Ice Cooler Fete – Hasely Crawford Stadium, PoS

TUCO Start de Carnival – Queen’s Park Savannah, PoS

Hakwai Clan City Cooler Fete

January 5

5 pm: Zele Cooler Fete


Kes the Band will host Tuesday on the Rocks on February 18. -

Up on Yuh Cooler

French Toast – Breakfast Party (new)

Crunch Cooler Fete (New)

January 10

Vibez & Chaser Cooler Fete

January 11

3 am: Illusions Black 2 Blue Breakfast Party – BLCA Car Park, Tarouba

5.30 pm: Passage to Asia Senses All-inclusive – Jamboree Park, Valsayn North

Undercover Cooler Fete (new)


National Steelband Panorama Small Bands Semi – Final – Victoria Square, PoS

January 12

3 am: Tribe Hydrate Wet Fete – Five Islands Water & Amusement Park

4 pm: Soka in MokaAll-inclusive – Trinity College, Moka

Sekon Sunday Fetecert

January 15

1 pm: Just Bring It Cooler Fete – Playa Del Este, Salybia

January 17

SuperBlue gets down into the crowd at the Queen’s Royal College’s Fete Royale at the school grounds, Maraval Road, St Clair last year. -

Soaka Arts & Music Festival – Iron Park (new)

Air committee O – Yacht – Oh Cooler Cruise (new)

January 18

3 am: Xperience Cooler Fete – Brian Lara Stadium, Tarouba

5 pm: One FeteAll-inclusive – Queen’s Park Oval (return)

7 pm: Chutney Soca Monarch – Semi Final

7 pm: National Panorama Steelband Final – Small Band Category – Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre

Soaka Arts & Music Festival – Carnival Up Market (new)

January 19

Soaka Arts & Music Festival – Soaka Till Sinrise Cooler Fete

January 24

9 pm: Out in South Cooler Fete – BLCA, Tarouba

Rise Cooler Fete ( new)

January 25

1 pm: Old Hilarians All-incl – Bishop Anstey High School

Evolve All-incl – Presentation College, Chaguanas

Soka with HOBA All-incl – Hillview College

Fete Lovers First

10 pm: Stumped – Cooler Fete – QPO

January 26

2 am: Focus – Cooler Fete – 02 Park, Chaguaramas

Noon: UWI All-incl – Festival of Colour

Street Paynt J’Ouvert – Plymouth, Tobago

Machel Monday takes place on February 17. -

Unleashed J’Ouvert (new)

Straight Outta Belmont – St Francis Boys’ College

Cocktails in the City (new)

Creme de la Creme Beaucoup Breakfast Party (new)

Wild Cooler Breakfast Party (new)

January 31

Mad Ants Cooler Fete

Luau Block – O

GT – Sea Colours of Carnival – Cooler Cruise

CORE Cooler Fete (new)

Chaux Cooler Fete (new)

Soc Spree – Canoe Bay, Tobago


February 1

6 pm: Fete with the Saints All-incl – St Mary’s College Grounds

6 pm: Soca Brain Kooler – Chaguanas North Secondary

Yuh Siding – Road Party

Lacaray – Cooler Cruise

February 2

2 am: The Uprising J’Ouvert – 02 Park, Chaguaramas

3 am: iUp Wet Fete – Cooler Fete – Five Islands Water & Amusement Park

3 pm: Pre P11MP – Sunset Cooler Cruise – Harbour Master

5 pm: Yorke All-incl

6 pm: Prestige All-incl – Presentation College, San Fernando

Phoenix Cooler Fete – Holy Name Convent

Wine on Rum Street

IT Mc Leod All-incl

Soca Monarch semis

February 7

Bacchanal Boat (new)

10 pm: Soka with Her Concert – Hasely Crawford Stadium (new)

February 8

4 am: Rise N Roast – Bayview Cafe, Maracas

5 pm: Fete Royal All-incl – Queen’s Royal College, St Clair

5 pm: Prime All-incl – Hilton Poolside

Caesar’s Army Bacchanalia – Road Block (New)

Bacchanal Road LEO (new)

Illusions Block – O

Beach House on the Hill (new)

I Love Choka Cooler Fete

Alternative Comedy Festival

Chutney Soca Monarch finals

February 9

Panorama Semifinals

4 pm: Sherwin Lovells – All-incl – Bon Accord, Tobago

4 pm: Sip & Sail Carnival Cruise – Harbour Master

Bacchanal Sunday (new)

Caesar’s Army Bacchanalia – Bacchanal Road

UWI Splash Cooler Fete

Dream Pool Party

February 14

8 pm: Chamkay – Chutney Cooler Event – CoE, Macoya

10 pm: Army Fete – QPS

11 pm: Carnival Cups Cooler Party – Govt Campus Plaza, PoS

D Roll Call – Arima Boys RC

She Wasn’t Ready Cruise

Ultraviolet Cooler Cruise (new)

Lookout Cooler Fete

Cooler Park Cooler Fete

February 15

3 am: Dutty Carnival 3 – Premium All-incl – BLCA, Tarouba

11 am: Red Cross Kiddies Carnival

1 pm: Calypso Fiesta

3 pm: Frazzled Cooler Cruise – Harbour Master

4 pm: Rewind Cooler Fete – Cipriani Labour College

5 pm: Fatima All-incl – Fatima College, Mucurapo Road

Victoria Gardens All-incl

Nurses Fete – All-incl

Gulf View All-incl

Blue Range All-incl

10 pm: Chutneyland – Cooler Fete – BLCS, Tarouba

10 pm: Yorke Cooler Fete

February 16

1 am: Be Soca Breakfast Party – The Sound Forge (new)

Jam Nation Breakfast Fete

Addiction Breakfast Party

2 pm: White & Anything Cruise – Point Loma

5.30 pm: Lavish All-incl – Hilton Trinidad

6 pm: Kairi Different All-incl – Kairi Court

7 pm: Got Soca Cooler Cruise – Harbour Master

Wet & Wild Cooler Fete

Scorch Sun Deck Pool Party

Vibe Drinks Incl (new)

Soca Raff Up

People with Class Cooler Fete

Fruit Punch Carnival (new)

Oneness Semi – All-incl

Faces Food – All-incl

February 17

Machel Monday

Levitate Cooler Fete (new)

February 18

3 pm: K – Paya Cooler Cruise – Harbour Master (new)

Pree Dawn Cooler Cruise

Pon de Grass cooler fete

Kes Tuesday on the Rocks

Creme de la Creme All-incl

Vale Vibe Cooler Fete

February 19

4 pm: Lime All-incl – Hyatt Regency

8 pm: Deja Vu Cruise – Ocean Pelican

10 pm: Punchy Wednesday Cooler Fete PoS

Scorch DDI Cruise

Mental Drinks – All-incl

City Block – O Cooler Fete

Sunglasses & Soca

Fete Lovers – Fever (new)

Undrunkable Wednesday

Splash on Land cooler fete

February 20

Noon: Headley All-incl Fete (return)

C’est la Vie All-incl

Beach House All-incl

Tropical Luau Food – All-incl

Farm House Cooler Fete

Caesar’s Army AM Beach

Mango Reef Bus to AM Beach

Soca or Die (new)

Tertiary Thursday (new)

I Am Soca Cooler Fete

Amnesia Cooler Cruise (new)

Boycott Cooler Fete

FOF Carnival Cooler Fete

10 pm: Stranded by the Pool – Salybia Nature Resort

10 pm: Tribe Ignite – Drinks Incl – Hasely Crawford Stadium

February 21

10 am: Escape Cooler Cruise – Waterfront, PoS (new)

10 am: Rise & Shine Yacht Party – Top Cat

1 pm: Karukera One Love – All-incl – Maracas Beach

3 pm: Phuket All-incl – Anchorage Beach Club, Charaguaramas

4 pm: Carnival Estate Cooler Fete – The Secret Garden

9 pm: Switch Drinks – incl – BLCA, Tarouba

10 pm: Erupt Cooler Fete – Hasely Crawford Stadium

Sunrise Breakfast Party

Rise & Jam Breakfast Raff Up

Silent Morning

Brunch Pleaseeee (new)

Revel Nation Cooler Fete

Bayview Cooler Fete

Sangri – La Cooler Fete

Cups Cruise (new)

Runaway Bikini Wrap Cruise

Drift Cooler Cruise

Bright Colours Boat Ride

NAPS Fete – Naparima College

Brian Lara Bad Friday

Blue Range Cooler Fete

Boycode Weekend

Soca Monarch Finals

February 22

5 pm: Jamboree Cooler Fete – QPO Carpark

5 pm: Lion’s Class is Class – Lions Cultural Centre

7 pm: National Panorama Finals – Large and Medium categories

Estate 101 All-incl

Ultimate One All-incl

Caesar’s Army AM Bush

Mango Reef Bus to AM Bush

Suits Drinks – All-incl Cruise

Saut Cooler Cruise (new)

Soca Brainwash Drinks – All-incl

Scorch Pandemonium

Newallo’s Cooler House

SS Wassy Boatride

Wotless on a MC Boat (new)

Tropic Cooler Cruise (new)

Boycode Weekend

February 23

4 am: Kairi Breakfast Party – Hasely Crawford Stadium

5 am: Shades Breakfast Experience – Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s

2 pm: Havoc Pool Party

4 pm: Luxx All-incl – Hilton Trinidad

5 pm: Salybia All-incl – Real Spring Ave, Valsayn South

7 pm: Dimanche Gras

Side Up Breakfast Party

Brian Lara All-incl

Meet Me in ParadiseAll-incl

Soca Brunch All-incl (new)

Beach House All-incl

Soaka Street Festival

Festival of Colour

Vale Vibe Breakfast Party

Candy Coated Cruise

Flight Cruise (return)

Cause It Cooler Fete (new)

BessLime Carnival Island

Fall Out Sunrise Crusie

Binge Cooler Fete

Boycode Weekend

February 24

4 am: J’Ouvert – All areas

11 am: Carnival Monday Parade of the Bands – All areas

February 25

8 am: Parade of the Bands – All areas

Las Lap

February 26

1 pm: Drink Up Cooler Fete – No Man’s Land, Tobago Experience Nyrvana Pool Party

BessLime Sunscape DDI

Glass House Cooler Fete

CuTTivate Food – All-incl (new)

Soca After Mas – Mt Irvine, Tobago

February 27

11 am: Sargasso Drinks – All-incl – Store Bay, Tobago

Post Carnival Relief Food – All-incl

Beach Takeover – Mt Irvine Beach, Tobago

February 28

1 pm: Stranded Drinks – All-incl – No Man’s Land, Tobago

Fly & Sail Cooler Crusie

Foreigner’s Last Lap Crusie

Break Biche – Mt Irvine Beach, Tobago

Alternative Comedy Festival

February 29

4 pm: Tribe Las Jam – Hasely Crawford Stadium

Call to Paradise All-incl – Mt Irvine, Tobago

Alternative Comedy Festival


"30-plus new events for Carnival 2020"

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