K2K launches its Monday wear

K2K’s Monday wear forms part of its wider 2020 Carnival presentation, The Greatest Show. 
                                                                                                   Photos courtesy Gary Jordan -
K2K’s Monday wear forms part of its wider 2020 Carnival presentation, The Greatest Show. Photos courtesy Gary Jordan -

FIVE-TIME medium band winner, K2K, recently launched their ready-to-wear Monday costumes. The band is also the 2019 Band of the Year winner.

In a release to media, the band said it will be portraying the Ringmaster of the Circus on the day.

The Ringmaster of the Circus is about, “The ability to be the Ringmaster of your life, the ability to exude a freedom of choice; a freedom of voice; a freedom of expression, a freedom of religion; and even a freedom to love whomever, is a gift,” the release quoted Karen and Kathy Norman as saying.

It added that K2K’s Monday wear tries to keep true to its theme and will give its masqueraders complimentary trench jackets as part of the package along with a black leather cross body bag. The release described the jacket as being “a unisex interpretation of the Ringmaster’s wardrobe.”

K2K’s ready-to-wear Monday costumes play on the circus’ Ringmaster and its masqueraders will receive a complimentary trench jacket along with a black, leather crossbody bag. -

K2K’s Monday wear is a part of its overall 2020 presentation called The Greatest Show. The presentation was inspired by the circus with circus-themed sections called the merry-go-round and the ring of fire.

The release said onlookers can expect to see “a rainbow of colour through the streets of Port of Spain, with the entire band dressed in trench jackets ranging from yellow to orange to green with the embroidery signage of hashtag freedom.”

The hashtag freedom is also a symbolic element in the band’s Monday wear. The release said the hashtag evolved from the Ringmaster’s ability to control acts in the circus.

“Metaphorically it talks to defining, redefining and owing one’s destiny

“Historically, the right to own one’s destiny, the right to love whomever you choose, the right not to be someone’s property, but seen a person; the right to intermix in relationships and in schools, the right to vote, was not a universal notion. Today, many still do not have this right,” the release said.

K2K’s hashtag freedom
undergarments. -

It added that freedom is not free and usually comes at a cost, with the cost being paid for in hardship.

That hardship was tested and redefined time and time again by one’s personal courage, the release said.

“You see hashtag freedom lies in being fearless enough to find your voice. In the same vein, hashtag freedom speaks to igniting a power to own your voice,” it said.

K2K also launched hashtag freedom undergarments.

K2K’s 2020 Monday wear -

“Ultimately, at K2K, we believe that it is critical to note that with hashtag freedom comes a responsibility and one of those imperative criteria is respect. Respect for all the different participants in that circus called life,” the release said.

Through its sister brand Normi and Normi, garments will be created from K2K’s 2020 presentation and will be released in the first quarter of 2020.


"K2K launches its Monday wear"

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