Cedros councillor hopeful roadworks will start Monday

Shankar Teelucksingh
Shankar Teelucksingh

There have been numerous landslips along the Southern Main Road in the Cedros/ Fullarton area, two of which have threatened the stability of the road.

Cedros councillor Shankar Teelucksingh, in a telephone interview yesterday, said remedial work by the Ministry of Works were unsuccessful because of increased rainfall in the area.“The landslips developed after the heavy rainfall. The Ministry of Works tried to do some shoring-up works on Monday (December 23), but then there was more rainfall and the whole thing end up collapsing.

"But they are addressing the situation at this point in time.”The area was largely spared the floods which inundated parts of south Trinidad in mid-December.

But Teelucksingh said the water supply was also reduced, as a 20-inch main supplying the Chatham plant was affected by the landslips.He said ministry officials were seen on site trying to do remedial work and taking measurements on the Boxing Day holiday.“The road is still passable," he said, "but quarter of the up lane has given way and this is at the 96km mark.”“Up to yesterday, Ministry of Works personnel were on site, taking some measurements to get the contractor to perform remedial work but probably due to the holiday they didn’t mobilise as yet.”He said no households had been marooned by the landslips.“We are waiting to see by Monday December 30 what sort of repairs will start.

"When we had the flooding all over the country, we didn’t experience those things, but what we experienced were some landslides.”Teelucksingh was grateful that the Works Ministry was trying to solve the problem.


"Cedros councillor hopeful roadworks will start Monday"

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