Bland Boxing Day sales in PoS

Some people were just passing through Charlotte Street. - Ayanna Kinsale
Some people were just passing through Charlotte Street. - Ayanna Kinsale

People were out and about in Port of Spain on Boxing Day, but not necessarily to shop.

Several people told Newsday they were just passing through town, either heading home after spending Christmas Day at the home of a family member, or going to lime with family or friends.

Produce vendors on Charlotte Street were doing the most trade, which could not be described as brisk. Most people buying fruits and vegetables were refreshing their supplies after depleting them for their Christmas lunches.

Several open stores and malls were empty of shoppers. According to the owners who spoke to Newsday, “one or two” people bought a few items, but business was far from busy. However they said it was expected, and that the traffic was not different from any other holiday.

One exception however, was Mode Alive on Frederick Street. The store was crowded with shoppers and had long lines at the cashier. The supervisor said, “I have worked here for 14 years and we have opened maybe once or twice on Boxing Day during that time. We really didn’t expect it to be so busy.”

BARGAIN HUNTERS: While most stores in PoS were pretty much empty on Boxing Day, several shoppers flocked to Mode Alive on Frederick Street to take advantage of a sale. PHOTOS BY AYANNA KINSALE - Ayanna Kinsale

Some customers said they were just “passing through” town when they saw Mode Alive’s doors open and decided to go in and check out what they had. Others said they knew about the sale and went to purchase items needed to complete the “Christmas look” of their homes. Still, others said they purposefully did not buy everything they needed for Christmas and went to PoS on Boxing Day to look for bargains.

The supervisor said curtains, mats, and cushion covers were the hot sellers at the time.


"Bland Boxing Day sales in PoS"

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