Al-Rawi: Dirty cash caught in $100 changeover

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

THE Attorney General alluded to huge sums of dirty money being detected in the ongoing exercise to replace the $100 banknote with a new polymer bill, addressing a briefing at his Port of Spain office yesterday.

“The data capture which is going to be a massive yield, in this exercise of demonetisation, is for the benefit of TT,” Faris Al-Rawi said.

He said a lot of information has been fed to the National Security Council.

“Not improperly. We don’t get into the specifics of law enforcement. We are not inside the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit). We are not inside the Financial Investigation Branch. “But the information which has been shared is that we have staggering numbers that are coming through in the demonetisation process. This will redound to the benefit of TT. People just need to sober themselves up into compliance.”

Al-Rawi returned to his earlier call for everyone for pay taxes. “I am sure many people will realise it’s time to get on board and pay their fair share. It is time to make sure our society is working the way the US and other countries do.” All must do “the right thing,” he urged.


"Al-Rawi: Dirty cash caught in $100 changeover"

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