Cadco ready-made plans make home approvals easier

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One of the most important aspects of building a home is having a proper floor plan. On average, plans could cost up to $12,000 and without it, you would not be able to get approval from Town and Country Planning Division and most of all, you will not be able to build your house.

Gerard Andrews, special project co-ordinator at Cadco Design Studio, said not enough effort is made to educate people on house plans or what is needed to build a home, and how important a house plan is.

“Some people would walk into our offices and say they want to buy a home, but when we ask if they have a plan or have been pre-approved they say no, but they are working for a good salary. Sometimes when they check they realise they were approved for a lot less than what they were planning, and we now have to work backwards with them.”

“I think people just lack the knowledge and it is up to us as an industry to teach people how to get these kind of things done.”

Andrews, in a building expo held at the Radisson hotel, Port of Spain, last month, told Business Day Cadco launched an initiative to assist people in making at least one part of building a home easier.

That one part is getting a proper plan.

Cadco’s initiative, HD3D stock was borne out of a horror story lived by one of their customers. The customer had gone to another company for a pre-designed floor plan. But when she went to town and country they did not approve the plan.


She went to Cadco asking for help but they couldn’t help her escape the setback.

“The cost was too high. It broke our hearts because we knew she wasn’t the only one out there to experience this.”

HD3D stock has 24 floor plans which were designed based on their experiences with different customers. Andrews said the plans ranged from modern designs to classic designs and fits the needs of most customers. Customers could choose their design online.

“You don’t even have to come to us if you see a plan you like. The cost of the plans go as low as $2,500.

“That’s cheaper than an iPhone,” Andrews said.

He said the initiative made people more aware of how important a plan was to building a home. It would go along with approvals from town and country and your local corporation to give you everything you need to start building.


“And for $1,000 more we can arrange to get the necessary approvals for you to get started on your home. And it is still cheaper than an iPhone,” Andrews said.

He said the initiative was one of the many ways they were educating the public about home ownership and what it takes to build a house. He added the company was in the works of producing videos to show people the steps that need to be taken to own a home.

“A lot of people want a home but do not believe they can get it. So initiatives such as ours where we reduce the barrier to entry in terms of getting a house helps people. It’s about educating people,” he said.


"Cadco ready-made plans make home approvals easier"

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