Friends dish out vintage calypso

Wayne Dopson -
Wayne Dopson -


Two Frenz in Muzik, Wayne Doppy Dopson and Jerry Prudent came together in a show entitled Vintage Calypso Knights at Kafe Blue on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. The duo has been together for some time but with Dopson playing the quatro while Prudent sings.

The show featured Dopson singing some of his original songs. He told Newsday he has been singing calypso since 1988 and has won the Queen’s Park Oval Calypso competition nine times out of 13.

“I also did a stint with Kaiso House but opted out of that after five years.”

Dopson who is a writer/composer does all his songs and even writes for other calypsonians. He lists Sparrow, Kitchener and Spoiler as his favourite calypsonians.

Prudent has been singing for quite some time having come through various music bands. He is one of the best exponents of old time calypso music and patrons look forward to his performances.

Dopson performed original hits like Made in China, Right Girl for Me, Can’t be a Real Trini, Road March Dying (Garbage) and Can’t Judge Me.

Prudent started his set with the Eagles' Hotel California which solicited vocal chorus from everyone in the audience. He then switched completely to calypso with Brigo’s Voodoo Man. He continued with Maria, Drink ah Rum, Jean and Dinah, Lazy Man, 67, Play Mas, Flag Woman, Lizard, My Pussin, Hold the Pussy and Drunk and Disorderly.

Prudent had Kafe Blue hot with his singing and many patrons left singing while others asked for more.


"Friends dish out vintage calypso"

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