Sugar coating addiction

THE EDITOR: Are we blinding ourselves  to the obvious links to under performance of children because of  marijuana use by parents? What of our runaway cases of domestic violence leading to murders of females? Can the high crime statistics in TT be  traced to mental poisoning by over use of marijuana?  Coupled with the high use of alcohol regarded as part of our culture, the  outright legalisation of marijuana could lead to societal suicide.  The  unusually violent reactions to stressful personal confrontations appear out of control. We appear mentally trigger happy.

Decriminalisation of the herb for use in restricted amounts  is undoubtedly a good thing for the thousands of users who need to be freed from the Remand Yard and the economy. Millions have been spent on prisoner upkeep. Families are suffering because heads of households, too poor to post bail, languish in jail. Medical marijuana is acceptable for those who need it. There is no argument there. But it is abundantly clear that reported negative effects of long-term marijuana use cannot be ignored.  If an individual cannot see their way to happiness and mental comfort  without using marijuana daily, that person is an addict. You cannot sugar coat addiction.  I will say it again. Persons who use marijuana daily allegedly appear desperate and unreasonable. The reports of deterioration in both physical and mental health keep mounting. Ignorance is not bliss.

Year in, year out,  citizens in TT are financially assisted when there is extreme flooding. I would like to see  money  set aside to rehabilitate persons (marijuana-use detainees) who have spent many years in the Remand Yard. They too will need help from the government to get back on their feet.

Do we need a special office of disaster preparedness management to help former marijuana accused  who are most in need? 

Fair is only fair regarding dispensation of  financial mattresses from the government.


Diego Martin


"Sugar coating addiction"

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