Smaller crowds at Saturday banking for new $100 bills


The mad rush to get the $100 polymer bill seems to have eased considerably on the first weekend after it was introduced, as there were smaller crowds at banks branches which opened on Saturday to facilitate the changeover to the new note.At the Princes Town branches of First Citizens, Republic Bank and Scotiabank, there were no visible lines of people waiting to enter. However, there was scarcely breathing room at Republic's ATMs as people waited patiently to withdraw the new notes. Republic, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and First Citizens have calibrated their ATMs to dispense the polymer bills. Scotiabank has said it may take a few weeks to change their systems.

And with the banks near each other, there was a noticeable police presence, both foot and in mobile patrols, along the main thoroughfare in Princes Town.

However, one customer, who was not allowed to change all of her money, described the process as tedious saying she had gone to the bank on Friday and had left in frustration after waiting for almost four hours.

Meanwhile at least two banks have increased their point of sale limit with Republic increasing from $7,500 to $10,000 while First Citizens increased from $5,000 to $10,000.

An unexpected boost for businesses may also have occurred as the people going to the malls on Saturday reported increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic.A woman at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine said she had to wait on the eighth floor before getting a park to go inside She said people seemed intent spending their old $100 notes before the December 31 deadline.


"Smaller crowds at Saturday banking for new $100 bills"

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