V’zuelans also affected

The heavy rains of Wednesday throughout the country caused floods that affected many people, including at least five Venezuelan families in the Penal area.

Several reports via social media described apartments full of water, which caused fear and serious damage to appliances.

In a message to various groups of Venezuelans in TT, Alimaryn Avendaño said, “Our room was filled with water. The mattresses, clothes and shoes that were on the floor are damaged. It has only been a few hours of rains and we are afraid that if the (weather) continues the situation will get worse.”

He said he lives in Penal and that there were four other apartments in a similar situation.

“They warned that in Suchit Trace there are also more Venezuelans with rain problems. They even reported that televisions and other electrical equipment that were on the floor were damaged.”

Avendano lives with his girlfriend. “She had a nervous breakdown because the water entered the room with force, we don’t know where it came from.”

These affected asked friends for shelter and a place to sleep until the waters go down and they can return to their apartments.


"V’zuelans also affected"

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