Man escapes kidnap on way to buy gold

File photo.
File photo.

A Curepe man narrowly escaped kidnapping when he went with a friend to buy gold from a man they met on the internet.

Police said the 24-year-old man and his 35-year-old friend went to Mohammed Street, St Augustine, at around 10.30 am to meet a man they met on Facebook to buy gold.

They met the man, who asked them to show him the money first.
They showed him the cash and other items he said he wanted in exchange for the gold, which had a total value of $20,080. The man grabbed one of the would-be sellers and began beating him.

A second bandit approached the 24-year-old victim and pushed him into the back seat of his own Nissan Almera.
The other victim ran away as the bandits drove off.
They robbed their victim of $500 and a Samsung cellphone.
The bandits drove to Connell Street, St Augustine.

The kidnap victim opened the door and ran away.
He went to the police station and made a report.
Tunapuna police found the car on Connell Street a short while later.


"Man escapes kidnap on way to buy gold"

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