Disadvantages, advantages of new $100 bills

THE EDITOR: Everything in TT is a scandal and a bacchanal.

There is no difference with the new $100 notes.

The disadvantages of the new notes are as follows:

* They are not compatible with existing ATM machines.

* They are harder to fold.

* There is a higher upfront production cost.

* They feel different and their slipperiness makes them harder to count.

The advantages are:

* They are cleaner because they are resistant to dirt and moisture.

* They are completely waterproof.

* There is a lower environmental impact because they last longer.

* Polymer notes last longer than paper notes, thus reducing replacement costs.

* Security features are easy to verify and hard to counterfeit.

Is money the root of all evil? Or is the love of money the root of all evil?

It is all about the blue notes. A change is as good as a feast. Are we left singing the blues?

My female friend Mabel from Point puts it in perspective precisely:

“AV, we cannot love without money. We cannot make love on hungry belly. AV, you are the one I dream of, you are my turtledove, but no money, no love. Are we clear?”


Princes Town


"Disadvantages, advantages of new $100 bills"

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