4 years’ jail for V’zuelan trying to sell gun

A VENEZUELAN man has been jailed for four years for having a gun and six rounds of ammunition.

Siendo Louis Carlos, 31, appeared in the San Fernando magistrates’ court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to possession of a nine-millimetre Tang Folio pistol.

Police prosecutor Sgt Rodney Gangoo told magistrate Anslem Leander that at about 8.30 pm last Wednesday, police were on patrol along the SS Erin Road, Debe, south Trinidad.

They saw Carlos, who had a pouch hanging over his shoulder, walking with another man.

Leander heard that Carlos suddenly quickened his pace and the police decided to search him. They found the gun and ammunition in the pouch.

Attorney Oscar Babootee told the magistrate Carlos wanted to sell the gun and ammunition to buy medication for his mother in Venezuela, who is extremely ill.

“He instructs me that in Venezuela, one need not require a licence to carry a firearm. He, however, knows it is illegal here. He wanted to get rid of it and had found someone who wanted to buy it so he could send the money back home to his mother. He was on his way to deliver it.”

The maximum jail term is eight years. Leander started with a maximum of six years and, after granting Carlos the mandatory discount for pleading guilty, jailed him with hard labour for two years on each count.

The sentences are to run concurrently so he will serve two years.


"4 years’ jail for V’zuelan trying to sell gun"

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