Does Unipet expect free fuel card?

THE EDITOR: Both the PNM and the UNC will be wining down to the ground to impress the voters for 2020.

The low voter turnout for the local government elections was just to whet the appetite. Neither the PNM nor the UNC will give up the ghost just so.

The small third-party people need not bother to waste their deposits and that includes the MSJ. The MSJ can talk of the coming of a second republic to the end of time.

This present republic is still intact, never mind all the bacchanal and confusion. True talk is not bad manners. The fence sitters will be calling the tune and the proof of the political pudding will be in the eating.

The Unipet people are behaving as if the Government will give them a fuel card for free. They are owing Paria Fuel Ltd over $175 million and they want to show vex face? What are they drinking so? Are these farse and out-of-place tactics to try to bamboozle Paria?

If they expect oil for free then we might as well expect every squatter to be given an HDC house for Christmas.

Read my lips, Unipet. Santa Claus does not visit TT anymore. He has run out of petrol.


Diego Martin


"Does Unipet expect free fuel card?"

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