Release extra foreign exchange for Christmas

THE EDITOR: It was interesting to hear from a banker that the Central Bank is still holding two-thirds of the foreign reserves compared to when the last general election was called.

Our company is finding that it is more difficult to get foreign exchange to pay our foreign invoices, many of which are for food shipments.

It is apparent that the Central Bank is being too tight-fisted with the release of foreign exchange, especially for the Christmas season which is always the busiest time of year.

I suggest that the Central Bank releases the same amount of foreign exchange for December and even some extra compared to last year from the foreign reserves, as this will also help the Government to pay its bills, which include maxi-taxi drivers and PTSC for repairs to buses.

The encouraging recent news that should help build back the foreign reserves is the large finds of natural gas off the northeast and southeast coasts of TT.


TT Import & Export Co Ltd


"Release extra foreign exchange for Christmas"

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