'Codfish' stabbed to death in Erin

A "small fight" at Los Iros in Erin on Sunday night left a 25-year-old man dead and a relative in police custody.

Devon "Codfish" Moses, 25, died while protecting a female relative at the family's home at Beach Road, relatives said.

The 30-year-old suspect stabbed Moses stabbed several times. He died shortly after at the Siparia District Health Facility. South Western Division police arrested the suspect, who lives at Couva, at the scene. His clothes were smeared with blood.

Recalling the incident, his sister said she and the suspect had a disagreement and Moses intervened to protect her.

"We were having a small argument and Devon heard it. He protects his sisters right through. My brother took it the wrong way and they had a small fight. Devon told him to leave, to take his things and leave," she said.

She explained that Moses' back was turned as he stood near the front door waiting for the other man to leave. The suspect claimed he was going inside to get something. Instead, he picked up a knife and attacked Moses.

All her screams and pleas for him to stop were ignored.

"No one was expecting anything like that. (Name called) started to stab him in his neck. Devon did not get a chance to defend himself."

She said they "were not friends but had never gotten in any fights before.

Describing Moses, she said, "Devon was very loving. He was cool, he made everyone smile. His girlfriend is expecting his first child next month and he was very excited about it. She is not taking the news well at all."

An autopsy was expected to be done on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James.

Police from the Homicide Bureau Region III and Erin are investigating.


"‘Codfish’ stabbed to death in Erin"

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