Protestor who called for Regrello to go claims he was paid to do so

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello   - Lincoln Holder
San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello - Lincoln Holder

One of a handful of protestors who last Friday objected to Junia Regrello continuing to serve as mayor of San Fernando has apologised to Regrello via a video posted on Facebook. The protestor, one of five who waved placards on the steps of City Hall insisting that "Regrello must go," and "Robert Parris for mayor," claims he was, “paid to do a wuk.”

A photograph of Jovanne Edmund, the woman leading Friday’s protest has also emerged with her wearing a yellow UNC T-shirt and hugging defeated UNC Les Effort East/Cipero local government election candidate Sachin Maharaj.

The man who was photographed in a yellow jersey standing behind Edmund during the protest outside City Hall, said in a 34-second video posted to Facebook, that he has nothing personal against Regrello.

Wearing a white vest over trousers, a hat and dark shades, the protestor said to Regrello, “big man thing. We were there yesterday (Friday). My humble apology because certain things we might know and certain things they might know and they wouldn’t tell we.

"So, we just get a wuk. We didn’t make no problem nah boy (sic). That it would reach all that extent that the man must go, the man must go. So, I don’t know maybe some feelings thing but that have nothing to do with me. I just get a wuk so I just want to clear my name nah Regrello. Good? Everything good? You understand?”

Reacting to the video, Regrello said this was evidence to support his original statement that the UNC was behind Friday’s protest.

For his part, Parris admitted Edmund was his friend, but denied any link to the protest. He said he was surprised that she was pushing for him to be mayor.

UNC PRO Anita Haynes responded to Regrello’s accusation about the protest being a UNC ploy. “The UNC is only concerned with returning good governance to TT. It is understandable that after Monday’s (local govt election) result there would be some level of desperation in the PNM camp, but the UNC does not have the time nor are we willing to participate in that kind of action.”

“The PNM is in the business of spreading propaganda and saying things without any real evidence. This is just another example of them reaching for relevance. The UNC will remain focused on the people’s business.”

In the December 2 local government polls, the UNC which then only the representation of an alderman Shane Samlal in the San Fernando City Corporation, wrested three electoral districts from the PNM, reducing the ruling party's representation from nine to six.


"Protestor who called for Regrello to go claims he was paid to do so"

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