Looters steal alcohol after truck driver runs off road, dies

A 34-year-old Arouca driver died on Saturday afternoon after the truck he lost control of on Lady Young Road, Morvant fell on top of him.

According to police and fire officials, Johnald Smith was entering Port of Spain, via Lady Young Road, and on reaching Hilton hotel he veered off the road and down a precipice. Smith attempted to jump out of the truck but fell under it and it dragged him down the precipice.

Smith’s loader, Kerry Mc Laren, 18, told fire officials that Smith said he “lost brakes” before the crash. Mc Laren, who started working with the trucking company last month, jumped out before Smith and suffered minor bruises.

They worked for ICR Transport Solutions based in Caroni and were transporting beverages for Solera, an alcohol boutique based in St Clair. After the truck plunged to a stop behind Belmont Secondary School, residents began looting from it, ignoring Smith’s body nearby.


"Looters steal alcohol after truck driver runs off road, dies"

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